Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Scenarios

In a research project it is difficult to see an outcome of sorts. A lot of study and analysis
goes into such a project. For this apart from the technical analysis it is also important to
have something with a strong emotive quotient, mainly because a precinct conservation
involves people who live there and define the functions of that particular space. Hence the
scenarios came into picture which would give various (in this case 5) directions for charting
the future conservation plans for Ranwar. The project also did not involve the typical/
technical survey and propositions for conservation. Instead it was aimed at resolving a
few questions (that have been raised through the scenarios) that are normally missed while
implementing conservation plans.

The first of those questions was, ‘Like most of the implemented conservation plans, specially
in India, is saving the built form/architecture the only way?’, ‘Can conservation be looked at
from the point of view of the dwellers or the people who give that place its function?’, Many
more questions were raised, the answers for which are still being looked for, more than the
people working on the project, it is the decision making authorities who need to introspect.
In most of the conservation projects in India, a noble initiative comes to a halt just because
of red tape and bureaucratic hassles. Can the dwellers of precincts initiate methods of
sustainable conservation practices? Efforts from organizations like THE BUSRIDE are a step
in that direction. 

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