Thursday, April 1, 2010

the Zig and Zag roads

Mr. Arup Sarabadhikary shared some interesting insights on the reason of Zig Zag pattern for roads/pathways in Bandra Village.
anyone can easily miss it, thinking it just gives character to the urban texture and the aesthetic of Ranwar, but it does more than that.
This was intentionally done while the buiding layout was being done at site. The neighbors used to get together and decide how to place the houses, retaining privacy, at the same time keeping visibility from the verandahs/ balconies for a friendly chat. One can notice that scooters and small cars can still be parked in these niches, without hampering traffic.

The development plan 1981-2001 made by the MCGM, received from David Cardoz, highlighting the Bandra Village Precinct. 

In this one i have highlighted the roads/pathways/streets in the Bandra Village Precinct, we indeed see the point!

Its really interesting how these small but details while town planning makes such an impact. I have seen this is Ranwar (refer to the photographs above), but would really want to see it in the other villages too!

Thanks Mr. Arup for sharing this information. 
Arup Sarbadhikary is a structural engineer by profession and a former member of the Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee.  He is one of the founder members and Trustee of the Bandra Bandstand Residents Trust.

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