Wednesday, March 31, 2010

next few discussion pointers!

as i sit and think about the next post, i thought to put down some discussion pointers for the next few posts that i would like everyone's participation in. So here they go:
  • It is widely held that if a city does not grow and change it will stagnate. How does one look at this in a format of built heritage ? also if one had to look at preservation of Living Cultures, how much does it hold true today with change being the only constant!
  • a very big question: WHAT IS HERITAGE? not looking for dictionary definitions, but more to do with what it actually means to the people living the heritage. 
  • Conservation : our attitude towards built heritage, also what do we mean when we say that we want to conserve culture?
  • What is it that makes the Bandra Neighborhood? and what is that is a misfit in it?
These are a few discussion pointers/questions that i will want to tackle through the next few please stay in touch, to participate.



  1. Vivek this is a very interesting projects. the issues parallel with a lot of other factors. I have been trying to address some myself though mine is not in the public domain all, I hope it will be one day. I am in Delhi and have been addressing this urban issue
    also check out some of the work SARAI delhi is doing, if that will help your project.
    All the Best

  2. Some thoughts...
    Heritage is a part of a culture's history that has been valued for enriching it in any way and is looked up to by future generations to come as valuable.
    Conservation would be to examine heritage, protect (and/or resurrect) it either from dilution or complete destruction as the case may be...

  3. Dear Shweta and Maithili,
    thanks a lot for following for the blog..
    @ Shweta: i saw your wire city series and really liked the way you have looked at an expression of your perception. would really like to know more !
    thanks a lot for sharing the link..hope to see you ahead in the discussions!
    @Maithili:really amazing thought and very simply placed..just take the discussion ahead and have and interesting iteration: How do we look at living heritage, and how far can go to sustain it?
    doesnt it come to our minds that if we try to sustain or conserve heritage for future generations, we stagnate it..
    Well in the case of built heritage i agree..but there are times wen these outlive their age and its in the benefit (well maybe) of the heritage itself to let it die..or change (as in the case of a living heritage).
    These are contradictions that will always stay, but when as designers we sit to think and analyze about what can be done ,these questions or discussions emerge as a very important process .
    Let me know what you think!