Monday, March 15, 2010

encounters with the bazaar road

A new mobile connection, in a new city is a huge task. so while i was at it, i thought i might as well start my encounters with the 'queen of suburbs'. march 9, 2010, Tuesday, i start walking around asking for bazaar road.

the first encounter happened while walking down Hill Road a little and then move right to the busy Bazaar Road. It was a revelation if i must say to move around a busy street like this and still have space for all. The gully will not be wider than 10 feet, with busy shops on either sides, constant mumbling and vehicles finding their way through the already saturated bunch of pedestrians.

everyone has to talk, bargain and while i walked past it was great not be involved in any of the market activities but just hanging around to get a sense of the place. well and as i got to know later about some facts it was even more enchanting!

some facts that took me by surprise:

  • Bazaar rd is only 2 km long but houses a Jain temple, Ram mandir, hanuman temple, Khoj mosque, Christian chapel and a Sikh Gurudwara.
  • while walking through the road it was very interesting to observe the transition from a Christian culture suddenly to a Muslim culture, en route to Lucky Biryani!

The noise, commotion traffic, people, shops, bargaining..all goods, Bazaar road has it all to fulfill the stereotypical notion of an Indian bazaar.

images soon!


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  2. Sounds very very similar to Ranganathan street in Chennai, although it does not have the different cultures melting in one.

    I think I missed visiting this one! Ah well, the next trip, probably! :)