Tuesday, March 30, 2010

about the project and little request!

Dear All,

Diploma Project: Making the Intangible, Tangible - A Case Study of Bandra & Ranwar - a heritage precinct within Bandra. (working title)
Hi! I am Vivek Sheth, a Final Year student of Exhibition (Spatial) Design in the undergraduate program at the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad, India. Right now I am doing my final thesis project, at NID. A diploma Project is the final project that a student at NID undertakes usually with a sponsor from the industry (in my case its THE BUSRIDE Design Studio, located at Bandra, Mumbai [http://jointhebusride.com]). The final diploma project entitles me to convocate from NID, which marks the end of the academic program here.

I am doing a project on Bandra and Ranwar (a heritage precinct in Bandra). The project covers the scope of studying Bandra as a suburb of Mumbai (which also 
involves studying about Mumbai, inclusive of research), moving ahead to study, understand and analyze Ranwar within the context of Bandra. Within all this falls the importance of understanding the heritage in Bandra/Ranwar and how the rapid urban development is changing this texture that has survived generations.

About My Project:
A cottage down here and a building up in its place, is the scenario that most of Mumbai is facing today. Bandra has not been able to save itself from this 
encroachment of culture that these old style houses gives as a character to this suburb. These Pakhadis/villages were the original settlements in Bandra 
with their Colonial and Portuguese vernacular architecture giving an overall layer of character to Bandra.
My project is a humble initiative to study and interpret the intangible community cultures of one of these originalPakhadis/village - Ranwar as a whole and as a case study Bandra in parts, which I term as the dynamic heritage of Ranwar and Bandra. It will involve the study of built heritage, the spaces around as a static mode of heritage conservation. Being an exhibition (spatial) designer i want to use space as a tool of communicating these intangibles that have survived through ages around these built spaces. Also it is about looking at the life, the stories, back stories that has given Bandra its character in the past which is still contained by the constant efforts its residents.
For example: Ranwar has had a very close and active community down the years. The many organisations that were and still are active in the area are witness to that. Around 1924, well before the Bandra Gymkhana started, the Rest Ranwar was founded by a group of Ranwarites. The club served as a community ground for the various activities that tied the community stronger.

There are these kinds of initiatives by the active residents, and it’s because they feel for the space they live in. The project is taking shape and direction realizing the fact that development is bound to happen, and these sweet little cottages and houses are bound to come down one day owing to the rapid urbanization that Bandra is undergoing. But the development should happen keeping this culture intact and that is what is going to retain the Bandra character which everyone across Mumbai know and talk about. The community sense is there and its thriving through the efforts of the residents, just a little push with space as a tool is what i am trying to do.

I am not a resident of Bandra, neither do I know it in and out as the residents would. But its you all, irrespective of the fact that you live there or not, to give me valuable feedback, comments, suggestions that can make this Initiative a worthwhile exercise in restoring a suburbs culture in the overgrowing expanse of the main town.
For the same I have started a blog, and starting a facebook group soon, which will showcase my encounters with Bandra through this journey.
I request you all to follow the blog and give me suggestions, feedback, comments anything, even a direction.
Some resource you think I should read, archival data, images..just anything to share with. 
I would love to meet and chat too! the blog is absolutely open to all what you have to say, and my mailbox will be waiting for tonnes of data 
that you think you can share.
I now open YOUR BANDRA for your participation, it’s your help that is going to give this project a meaning!
the LINK:

Please do pass on the link to whoever you think would be a great resource on the subject.
Waiting for a great response

warm regards,
Vivek Sheth


  1. Hello Im a true blue Bandraite...grew up in and around the very houses u are talking about. So let me know if u want to meet up and talk or just talk. Write to me at tarinarallan@gmail.com


  2. Dear Pagli Chef (sorry thought i should address you with your blog id)

    Thanks a lot for following the blog.
    Would love to meet you! as soon as i get there (which is soon)..will mail you!
    thanks again

  3. Hello ! Im an 3rd year architecture student and my current project involves constructing in bandra around the ranwar village could i have a look at your final studies or the culmination of your research ?

    My name is Huzefa Jawadwala email me at hozie.zaif@gmail.com