Friday, May 7, 2010

At the oratory Junction in Ranwar

this is the synth at the oratory in Ranwar. The Oratory is over 100 years old and it just celebrated its centenary in February 2010. more stories on the same soon.
for now enjoy the view!

What is an Oratory?:

In Christianity, an oratory is a room for prayer, from the Latin orare, to pray. In the Roman Catholic Church, an oratory is for all intents and purposes another word for what is commonly called a chapelOratory today means a private place of worship for a group or community which could be opened to the public at the discretion of the group's superior.
This Oratory is now maintained by the residents, it used to be a very common place of gathering. Only recently in february when it celebrated its centenary all the residents gathered around fro a good celebration. All the old residents started speaking and it went back in the passage of time to remember old times (as told to me by Mr. Damascene D'sylva). These kind of spaces have served as nodes of great nostalgia and reflects the living culture of the place.
More in view is the 170 year old house, The Trellis which is still maintained beautifully to its old glory. also in view is the AB estate, which once used to be the house of the Xavier'. The Xavier house was built in 1841 and used to be one of the most common ground for all the kids to play and loiter around. The Xavier's who were spinsters were very open to the kids and other people walking and walking out at any time. They lived for the community and contributed a lot. Now it is occupied by the AB estate a G+3/4 structure which has taken over the entire land and covered all the open area too. Also the AB estate has the biggest amount of land in Ranwar.
Other is the view of the streets and the main street that bring one person inside the village.

Have fun navigating.

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