Friday, May 7, 2010

Towards the Grotto in Ranwar

This is the synth of the grotto next to Mr. Herman Rodrigues house in Ranwar, from the Ranwar Square. It allows you to explore the approach path and then move around the grotto to have a view in detail.
What is a Grotto?
grotto (Italian grotta) is any type of natural or artificial cave that is associated with modern, historic or prehistoric use by humans. When it is not an artificialgarden feature, a grotto is often a small cave near water and often flooded or liable to flood at high tide. The picturesque Grotta Azzura at Capri and the grotto of the villa of Tiberius in the Bay of Naples are outstanding natural seashore grottoes. Whether in tidal water or high up in hills, they are very often in limestonegeology where the acidity dissolved in percolating water has dissolved the carbonates of the rock matrix as it has passed through what were originally small fissures. 
The outside of such grottoes might be architectural or designed like an enormous rock or a rustic porch or rocky overhang; inside one found a temple or fountains, stalactites and even imitation gems and shells (sometimes made in ceramic); herms and mermaids, mythological subjects suited to the space: naiads, or river gods whose urns spilled water into pools. Damp grottoes were cool places to retreat from the Italian sun.
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In Bandra a lot of these grottos are found, at various corners of houses big or small, they are normally installed by a family and is maintained by the family lineage. They serve as common nodes of interpersonal communication due to prayer or rosary meets. They are very well decorated in local style using local material and supported by a lot of greenery around.

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  1. You could add grotto decorations during mom used to take us to see them in shirley...