Monday, May 31, 2010

some maps

I am Lost is a Series of maps of Ranwar, these are some academic maps which will be overlaid with some stories and personal geographies. these are some hand edited maps over prints. more coming soon:
this map mainly talks about the development pattern of new settlements and built area in red, also the nos. indicate the approximate age of the built environment. the areas hatched crudely with pencil are still under study, while the areas in yellow are open areas some of which are public while the others are private

the areas in blue show the built heights of the buildings in Ranwar, this map also shows the land use in Ranwar, which is mostly residential, again the right hand side is still under study.

this map shows the station points covered while doing the survey for the above. It also has some hidden secret for one to reveal.

this is to study the block spaces in Ranwar.

the pathways in relation to the blocks.

these are the pathways free of the blocks. these are left open to showcase the expanse of the village only by roads and also showing the access points clearly.

While these are under refinement to make several more maps including the image of Ranwar in Bandra as on field, will upload them soon.

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